Acrylic Rendering In Melbourne

In most cases we will render your house in Melbourne and the Eastern Suburbs with acrylic render. Sometimes solid render is used if a lot of filling is required. If your walls are in good shape, only two coats of acrylic render are needed before the final coat of texture.

Preparation is an important process that must be done before any render is laid on the walls. We first dig at least one brick down on the bottom of walls to ensure that the render finishes below the surface. We then clean all foreign material of the walls with a jet blaster.  Mesh is then applied to cracked areas of your house, this will help stop cracks re -accuring. To guarantee straightness external angles are fixed to the walls of every external corner of the building including window reveals and sills. The added benefit of using metal angles is that it protects the corners of building from damage.

We also fix cement sheets to lintels above doorways and windows to form an even finish. The added benefit of fixing cement sheets to lintels is that it prevents rust (from the lintel) coming to the surface of the finished render. The cement sheet is an effective barrier to stop rust. It is even more important to use this system on older homes as many lintels at this stage are already showing signs of rust. Apart from this, this method keeps window heads and door ways straight and even. You will be hard pressed to find other plastering firms in Melbourne that do this.

Once all the prep work is complete the acrylic render is ready to be applied. After first protecting floor areas and fittings with masking and cloth sheets, the acrylic render is applied. Once the first coat is allowed to set up enough it is then screeded to level the walls. Any high spots are removed at this stage.

Once the first coat has set sufficiently, a second coat of acrylic render is applied and floated to leave a flat even surface. The first process of rendering is now complete and the acrylic render is then allowed to cure for at least one week before an acrylic texture finish is applied. We use a Dulux Coventry Texture for this last coat as it is the most superior texture in the market. It is at his stage that your choice of colour is added into the texture. There is no need to paint as the colour is already in the finished coat of texture.

To enhance the affect of rendering your home we also offer the choice of fixing architectural mouldings to your home. They look great around your windows and doorways and have a stunning affect. Other moulds such as keystone and stringer moulds are also available, great for those who want to make a statement. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the end result. Rendering is one of the best ways of increasing the value of your home in Melbourne.

When you are ready for a quote, we will show you onsite, photos of jobs we have completed, and we also give you a list of jobs to look at in Melbourne. It is here that you can really judge our workmanship and get real testimonials from our past customers.

We are proud of all the work we do. Every house we have completed in Melbourne is left in a clean state and is beautifully rendered. Our customers are always very happy.
We guarantee all our work.  We are based in Melbourne & Eastern Suburbs.

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