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When rendering your house in Melbourne it is likely that we will have to render over different types of surfaces. The exterior walls of older extensions and even recent ones are often made up from blue board (cement based sheet). In recent times new materials are used such as foam cladding. Normal render is not suitable for many of these materials, so different types of specially made render must be used.

Solid render is mainly used by renderers for high build areas where thick coats of render are required. It is often used when renovating old homes in Melbourne as many internal walls need to be re-rendered. In most cases solid render is the best choice in these old homes because of thickness required and the faster drying time of solid. White set plaster is then applied over the render.

Solid render is a cement & sand based render that has been around for a long time in history. In recent times it has been replaced by an acrylic based render. Most renderers in Melbourne today use acrylic render because it is far more economic material to use as it is less labour intensive and greatly increases productivity. As a material cost, acrylic render actually costs more to use, but it is the saving in labour costs that make this material cost effective. It is great for potential customers as this product has reduced the labour costs quite considerably allowing more people to enter the market for rendering in Melbourne.

Acrylic Rendering Melbourne

You home will most likely be rendered in acrylic render and we will advise you on site which way to go. Regardless of which material used the end result will be the same, a beautifull rendered home!  We are based in Melbourne & Eastern Suburbs.

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