Foam Cladding In Melbourne

Foam cladding (polystyrene cladding) is a fairly new material used for external walls in Melbourne & Eastern Suburbs. It is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) It is made into panels of different thicknesses. Foam cladding is a superior method for building exterior walls on your new extension or home. It is very durable and resistant to movement, it also has great thermal insulation properties.

Foam cladding is the best way to blend your extension to your house as the thickness of panels will give the appearance of a solid brick wall with window reveals heads and sills. When your home and new extension is rendered it will look pleasing and uniform.

Vapour permeable sarking is first fixed on the external  walls as an added protection against moisture. Foam cladding is then placed over the external walls and fixed by screwing into the timber frame. Once the foam cladding is in place, we fix external angles to window reveals, heads, sills, bottom of walls and all external corners.

Fiberglass mesh is then bedded to the entire surface area of the foam cladding with a special poly mix render. Further coats of render are then applied with a final finishing coat of Dulux Coventry Texture. The end result is a very hard surface which is very resistant to cracks. You will not believe there is foam below the surface!

The advantage of foam cladding is that it is very efficient at insulating your home in Melbourne. You will save on heating and cooling costs immediately through your energy bills and your home will feel more comfortable to live in. We are based in Melbourne and Eastern suburbs.

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Note, if the property is located near exposed coastal areas or areas of high rainfall, then a cavity system may need to be adopted with the installation of foam cladding. This decision to use a cavity must be made by your design engineer or building surveyor. Also new regulations are coming in to place concerning this issue.

Over the years we have completed a few jobs with a cavity built in behind the foam cladding. If  a cavity is needed it is easily dealt with.

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